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80% liquid lactic acid
Folic acid
Ashwagandha with drug/extract ratio 5: 1
Boswelia clogged in 65% powder – dispersible in water
Milk thistle 80% titled in 30% sibilin – powder
Hydrolyzed collagen of vegetable oridine (marine) – Food grade
Hydrolyzed collagen of animal oridine (pork) – Food grade
Collagen peptide from Japan
Colostrum 30% IgG
Curcumin extract 95%
DHA 20% and EPA 3% dry extract derived from linseed and therefore odorless
Emblica officinalis (Amla) extract 45%
Hydroglyceric extracts of turmeric, fenugreek, chicory with drug/extract ratio 8:1 or 2:1
Flaxseed oil
Ginseng extract with drug/extract ratio 6: 1
Glucosamine hydrochloride and glucosamine sulfate(100% natural from the shell of shrimp)
Grape seed extract 5%
Green tea 50%
Lycopene powder 5%
Lutein 20% beadlets
Lutein 20% oil
LUTEMAX (Lutein + Zeaxanthin)
Red vine (grape) dry extract 5% polyphenols
Saw palmetto 98% oil in fatty acids, also in compliance with USP specifications.
Saw palmetto dry extract 45%
Senna extract 20% and 60%
Soy Isoflavones 40% low in Genistein
Valerian dry extract 0.42% in valerenic acids – By Titration
Zeaxanthin 10% beadlets
Zeaxanthin 20% oil
Zizyphus Jujuba Dry extract with drug/extract ratio 10/1
Granular pumpkin seed extract 5%


Sucralose E955 – The product we offer is in compliance with the Pharmacopea EU;
Precipitate Calcium Carbonate (Heavy) BP / USP – Title CaCO3 not inferior to 98.5%;
Croscarmellose Sodium BP / EP / USP;
Ecocool – Extended Cooling Booster. Product classified for the nutritional world and
pharmaceutical as an aroma. For the cosmetic grade we have the INCI number. It’s a system that guarantees a sensation (both organoleptic and topical) of fresh – menthol type – with the characteristic of a persistence of the feeling protracted up to 20 minutes. The product is available in liquid or solid form (absorbed on excipients of wider consumption). ECOCOOL can also be formulated in combination with other aromas, capable of giving the finished product several stages of flavoring that can be perceived in different sequences while keeping the feeling of fresh (for example: first perceived strawberry aroma, according to banana perceived aroma and third perceived aroma american ice cream). We can also insert
ECOCOOL within the coating formulations.
Pigments: red, yellow and black oxide iron; Water soluble dyes and related lacquers of
aluminum: with particle size and particle shape optimized for applications in solid shapes, semisolid and liquid and for applications in the films of solid oral forms.


Instacoat SFC and CFC (sugar fast coating and chewable fast coating): Innovative system of high productivity film that reproduces the appearance of “sugary confection” applied with standard spray system. The product is reconstituted with 28% solids and it can also be pigmented with natural dyes. The formulation includes the presence of sucrose (or xylitol for the chawable version);
INSTANUTE and INSTACOAT: Filming systems for the nutritional and pharmaceutical world
stardard or titanium dioxide free and talc free. Ideal Cures has approached this new one technology over two years ago, developing opaque film systems with excipients globally accepted and guaranteeing performance similar to formulations pigmented with titanium dioxide. The same can be both pigmented and white, with an excellent opacification performance. The pigmented library covers a wide range of colors.
We are also selling a taste-based film system very well masking and odor masking (INSTACOAT FLAVOR off-white). The same perfectly filters the smell. It is widely sold to us to cover the characteristic of tablets a base of garlic or fish oil.
INSTANUTE DR: this system formulated and approved for nutritional applications on
polymeric base of natural derivation (a particular grade of sodium alginate) is the only one able to guarantee a real dissolution linked to the contact pH, unlike others polymers used for the same applications in the nutritional world that create no more than a physical barrier to the dissolution of the tablet but absolutely not pH employee. The particular grade of sodium alginate used for this formulation it results to be practically insoluble with a pH lower than 3 and immediately solubilized
at a pH higher than 5.
INSTACOAT 4G: innovative new generation of ready-to-use film-coating system (fourth), which guarantees a reconstitution at 35% w / w in water with viscosity less than 300 cps. Thanks to these characteristics is today the filming system with the most advanced level of productivity. Technical and experimental data are available on request. Last December he was awarded during the CPhI in Mumbai as
excellence develop new products for the year 2017!
INSTACOAT E-Series Film Coating systems: range of film systems “fully formulated “which guarantees high specific performance, composed of four logics formulation:
Instacoat EHP 250: High productivity coating system based on PVA;
Instacoat EMB: Efficient aqueous moisture barrier coating system film
Instacoat EEN: Optimized weight gain hydro-alcoholic enteric film Coating System
Instacoat EHA: Coating system for high adhesion aqueous films e-Series is a coating system developed for the coating with excellent adhesion, moisture barrier, high spraying rate without gun choking and in the minor possible time.
INSTASPRAY Polymeric pigmented dispersions. Filming system widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and present in a large number of registration dossiers). There production of this type of product has recently been abandoned by industry player. We are pleased with our Partner Ideal Cures to propose ourselves as a supplier alternatives to these products.
ECOPOL – High performance acrylic polymers for innovative technologies and processes. used for enteric coating, for delayed Ph dependent release and for taste masking.



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