INSTACOAT CFC è un sistema di rivestimento filmogeno a base di HPMC e Xilitolo, adatto alla ricostituzione in acquoso. is a HPMC and Xylitol film coating system, suitable for reconstitution in water It allows to obtain a chewable and crunchy film, applying the standard conditions in the coating pan. It is suitable for caoting systems of all types and sizes. The film obtained has a low calorie content.

This particular type of product has been developed to replicate the result that can be obtained with a sugar coating process, using the classic systems for film coating, thus reducing costs and process times.


  • Short process time compared to sugar coating;
  • Less weight gain required;
  • Suitable for a wide range of film coating systems (conventional and perforated coating pan) and for the continuous process

Reconstitution level:
Reconstitution in purified water up to 28% w / w of solid

Recommended equipment:
Mechanical stirrer with variable speed
Mixing Vessel


Calculation for the quantities of INSTACOAT CFC and solvent:
The amount of INSTACOAT CFC (28% w/w) and water required is based on the amount of cores that need to be coated and the desired weight gain. For 1 kg of tablets and a 35% weight gain, 350 g of INSTACOAT CFC will be required to be added to 900 g of water.

Reconstitution process:

  • Add the weighed amount of water to a mixing vessel;
  • Using a mechanical mixer, mix the water to form a vortex;
  • Add the weighted quantity of INSTACOAT CFC in the center of the vortex with a continuous flow, avoiding the formation of granules and maintaining a vortex throughout the addition process. After adding the full amount of INSTACOAT CFC, reduce the mixing speed to eliminate the vortex. Continue mixing for 45 minutes;
  • Sieve the dispersion to 60 mesh.


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