Film coating systems with opacifiers alternative to titanium dioxide

Our Partner Ideal Cures has been researching for years in the search for ingredients that can replace titanium dioxide. Now we are able to supply film coating systems that faithfully replicate the opacifying features of titanium dioxide.

INSTACOAT T2F is a technology that does not refer to a single product: any existing formulation can be converted into TiO2-free and new requests are developed according to the customer’s needs (choice of polymer, functional characteristics, etc.).

Formulations without TiO2 & talcSuitable for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications
It can be formulated with aluminum lakes, iron oxides and natural pigments and can also include flavorings and cooling booster.Label Friendly coating
Meets customer needs for titanium dioxide and talc free coatings
Choice to use suitable dyes without affecting color properties
Easy scale-up and technology transfer to different types of equipment or production sites.



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