INSTANUTE MB is a water-reconstituting gastro-soluble coating system designed to be used for moisture sensitive nutritional and food products. It is available in a wide range of colors, both of natural and synthetic origin, and can also include flavors.

A special formulation, which combines hydrophobic plasticizer and insoluble diluent, allows to form a moisture barrier, protecting the core from degradation.


  • Coating system widely accepted from a regulatory, development and manufacturing point of view;
  • Minimal impact on dissolution and disintegration;
  • Greater stability and protection from physical damage;
  • Low MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transfer Rate) which provides good protection for moisture sensitive substrates.

Reconstitution level:
Reconstitution in purified water up to 12% w/w of solid

Recommended equipment:
Mechanical stirrer with variable speed
Mixing Vessel

Calculation for the quantities of INSTANUTE MB and solvent:
The amount of INSTANUTE MB (12% w/w) and water required is based on the amount of cores that need to be coated and the desired weight gain. For 1 kg of tablets and a 3% weight gain, 30 g of INSTANUTE MB will be required to be added to 250 g of water maintained under stirring.

Reconstitution process:

  • Add the weighed amount of water to a mixing vessel;
  • Using a mechanical stirrer, mix the water to create a vortex;
  • Add the weighed quantity of INSTANUTE MB to the center of the vortex with constant speed, avoiding the formation of lumps and maintaining a vortex throughout the addition process. After adding the full amount of INSTANUTE MB, reduce the agitator speed in order to eliminate the vortex. Continue mixing for 45 minutes.


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