INSTANUTE IR is a “ready to use” coating system to be reconstituted in water, consisting of Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC), specific for nutritional applications. It is available in a wide range of colors, both of natural and synthetic origin, and can also include flavors.

HPMC is one of the most used polymers for filming coating. It dissolves in cold water, forming a colloidal solution. It can be applied in formulations intended for use in equipment of different designs and sizes.


  • Coating system widely accepted from a regulatory, development and manufacturing point of view;
  • Minimal impact on dissolution and disintegration;
  • Greater stability and protection from physical damage;

Reconstitution level:
Reconstitution in purified water up to 12% w/w of solid

Recommended equipment:
Mechanical stirrer with variable speed
Mixing Vessel

Calculation for the quantities of INSTANUTE IR and solvent:
The amount of INSTANUTE IR (12% w/w) and water required is based on the amount of cores that need to be coated and the desired weight gain. For 1 kg of nuclei and a 3% weight gain, 30 g of INSTANUTE IR will be required to be added to 250 g of water kept under stirring.

Reconstitution process:

  • Add the weighed amount of water to a mixing vessel;
  • Using a mechanical mixer, mix the water to form a vortex;
  • Add the quantity of INSTANUTE IR at the center of the vortex with constant speed, avoiding the formation of granules and maintaining a vortex throughout the addition process. After adding the full amount of INSTANUTE IR, reduce the mixing speed to eliminate the vortex. Continue mixing for 45 minutes.


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